Why Organic?

Why Organic?

I’ve said it before and I hear it from other small farmers, “Organic feed is too expensive and you can’t make a profit.” I’ve even heard one say that he quit feeding organic because it was “deceptive” and that it was likely...

New Pickup Site 

We are now offering a new pickup site for our pasture raised, soy free, non GMO fed chicken as well as our pork, which is raised to the same standards. To place an order, go to our products page, fill out an order form.  The new pickup location is 2559 HWY...

Learning to Live

I thoroughly enjoy teaching folks about what we do and how they themselves can do the same thing. This Saturday we gave a chicken processing class to a group that varied from backyard chicken owners, burgeoning farmers, to students of survival. I’m not going to...

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