Our new friend from China, Yang needs some help. Below is a sample of one of the many emails I am sending to farms to see if we can scare up someone to host him for the rest of his stay in the US. He is also in desperate need of funds since the owner of the farm he worked at in Hawaii with held about three months of his pay. If you can help in any way, be it by taking him in or making a donation for the remainder of his travel costs, please let me know.

It was wonderful to have Yang here with us.

It was wonderful to have Yang here with us.


This is Daniel Seedorf of East West Farm in Marietta, GA. We are a small family farm raising Dexters & Jerseys for milk and meat as well as heritage breed chickens, rabbits and pigs. I am reaching out to other small farms to try to find a last minute host for our friend from China, Yang (pronounced Young). Through the Worldwide Farmer’s Exchange, Yang has spent the past year working on a tomato farm in Hawaii. He’d thought that it was organic, but on arrival he found that it was not. I fear that the farmer there has severely taken advantage of him and possibly other students by withholding pay. I am actively seeking a resolution through the WFE to ensure Yang gets the money that is owed to him.

So why am I contacting you? Yang has until the end of the month to travel the US and visit with other small family farms so that he can help grow the local food movement that is starting to stir up in China. I am asking if you would be interested in hosting this honest, hard working young man and teaching him a little about how you operate your farm and what you’ve found to be the key to your success. Yang leaves for Washington, DC Tuesday morning and has a room for two nights at the Washington International Student Center. I’ve already checked and there seems to be a couple of bus stations in towns near you. Yang is especially interesting in dairy and I can tell you he’s very comfortable with cows and has worked with mine wonderfully. Please feel free to call me at the number below and let me know if there seems to any way you can help me ensure Yang’s overall experience is the best that it can be. If you do take him in for a few days, I promise you will be sad to see him go. We’ve grown quite fiond of him. I do hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you so much for your time.


East West Farm
Daniel & Katie Seedorf
3842 Ernest Barrett Parkway
Marietta, GA 30064
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