The weather of the proceeding year has me desperate to get the garden growing. The torrential rains drowned everything and we gave up hope. Now I’m chomping at the bit. I have green fever. I want veggies! I want tomatoes! It was such a glorious beautiful day a few days ago, I couldn’t resist. I planted four different tomato plans my friend Anna at Suburban Fresh started.
I know that our last frost date is April 15. I also know the old adage that one should not plant until after Easter. The forecast called for temperatures below freezing in North Georgia. I knew this, but I planted anyway, resolved to cover them.
Since I would be at the fire station and I knew Katie would likely forget with her long to do list, the kids and I covered them with large plastic cups and banked soil up against them to prevent them from blowing away. When I came home, there was a heavy frost and as soon as the sun beamed upon the garden, I removed the cups and found little chunks of ice on the tender leaves. Being covered by an impermeable cup, moisture could not escape, collected on the leaves and froze this morning. Hopefully they will pull through. Nonetheless after today, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

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