Really? Seriously?  Of course we could but would we? Sadly, I fear we won’t.  By we I mean we the people of the greatest nation on Earth, and I say that with tremulousness.

All those pondering questions aside, the statistics given are staggering.  1. In 2011 there were 5 times more empty homes than homeless families. 2. Every day in America, we send millions of plastic bottles into the landfills. 3. We could instead use them to build nearly 10,000 2 bedroom homes a year.

Since we are unwilling to allow empty homes to be occupied by the homeless, why don’t we at least build them homes with FREE resources?  Why is it that we insist on leaving this innovation to third world countries? All of this goes hand in hand with our hunger epidemic. There’s no lack of food, tons go into the landfills with the plastic bottles. So here we are with homeless, under nourished families and yet we bury the very resources that could solve these problems into our landscape. Stuff to really think about.



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