Real, raw milk is supposed to sour. Refrigeration slows it, freezing halts it until it thaws but eventually it happens and that is a good thing. 

Our milk is immediately chilled after milking and if you pick it up on your designated day, it will be 12-24 hours old. You should have a cooler and ice pack with you to keep your milk cold for the trip home, especially if you might make a stop on the way.  Once home, it should go to the bottom and back of the fridge. Cold air sinks, so this is the coldest place and milk should be kept at about 33deg F to keep it fresh. Never store your milk on the door.
Because our cows never eat grain, the flavor of the milk can be influenced by the pasture. When we rotate to a new patch, there is a new variety of grasses and weeds for them to eat. Sometimes, we hear from customers who believe their milk to have soured, but in reality, the cow ate something that day that gave the milk a different flavor. Another mistake is to sniff the jar and assume any odor means the milk is turning. Milk will collect on the threads of the jar and will in fact begin to turn, while the milk down in the jar is just fine. If you want to sniff it, pour it in a glass first.
If the cream on top has thickened and does not distribute evenly when shaken, this is a sign that the milk has begun to culture and while it may be a little sour, it is still good. As a matter of fact, it’s even better because live active cultures are at work and it’s these guys who keep our gut healthy.
If you should have any question about whether the milk you picked up from us is “good” please email us asap and let us know. Bring it by so we can determine what the issue might be. You see, real milk never goes bad. Sweet or sour, it’s always good, if you don’t believe me just ask your cat or dog.

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