Ever since we announced our decision to move forward with our decision to lease this farm, we have received an out pouring of support and well wishes. Katie and I have been so grateful for all of the encouragement. So why is then that sometimes, the ones closest to you can be the least supportive? Katie called me today nearly in tears because some who she should count on most for support has been very negative and critical, but then says something like, “Well, it’s your life.” I tried my best to understand this mentality, but I’m somewhat at a loss. Oh well, whatever.

On another note, Katie started peeling wallpaper in one of the bedrooms. It seemed strange to me that almost every room in the house has wood paneled walls, and a few of them have sheetrock. I reasoned that the sheetrock was covering wood paneling.I asked Katie if she’d rather have wood that doesn’t need paint. Of course she said yes. Well, I pulled some away, and underneath is some type of fiber and paper covering, beneath that is the wood paneling, painted a nasty shade of yellow. So, we’ll be painting after all.

Tomorrow, picking up a load of free lumber.

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