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RAISED RIGHT HERE IN ALABAMA Available in Marietta & Roswell, GA and coming soon: Chattanooga, Tn


Prior to 2007, we’d never touched a cow, chicken or pig (at least not on purpose!). We seemed like any other family living in a subdivision on ⅓ of and acre, giving little thought to our Standard American Diet.

Our last baby was born and we became aware of the rise of childhood diseases and the drastic increase in obesity.

We were shocked to learn that our children’s generation have a shorter life expectancy than our own! Perhaps we should have just joined a CSA or bought food from a local farmers market. That would have solved our need to source nutrient dense food, but we wanted more.

But, we wanted to be a change agent, for the land, for the animals, for future generations and for others who, like us, were tired of not knowing where their food came from.

So we dove in, head first, and started on our farming journey!

First we started by leasing a 7 acre parcel of land outside of Marietta, GA and then, after a few years, we bought our farm just west of Piedmont, AL. We know it was the right decision for us and soon we will be launching our Farm Camp for the many others who want to live this way of life but want some experience first!

We also know that it’s not something that most of you can do yourselves, so we’re thrilled to be here as your farmer, while you’re there as our doctor, lawyer, teacher or whatever profession you’re drawn to.

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To foster a local culture centered on traditional, nutrient-dense food from animals that get to express their genetic instincts in natural settings without the use of chemicals, GMOs, or anything unnatural. In short, we aim to support traditional diets by raising animals in a way that is ecologically sound and harvest their meat, milk and eggs as humanely as possible..





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What am I reading?

What am I reading?

I was once an avid reader, back when I had surplus time on my hands. Now, I have to make time and I'm most likely going to be found reading one of Joel Salatin's works or any number of farm related books by various authors. Several months ago, a farm friend sent me a...

Why Do Small Farmers Fail?

Why Do Small Farmers Fail?

As a small farmer, I have been alarmed at just how many small farms close down. I mean with all the hype and excitement over eating real food, connecting with food, and becoming more aware about what we are eating, you'd think all these new startup farms would be wild...

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